HUD, Housing and Urban Development Department of US has a Mission to increase, homeownership, support community development and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination.

To fulfill this mission, HUD will embrace high standards of ethics, management and accountability and forge new partnerships, particularly with organizations that are reliable and give importance to community development. This in turn enables to leverage resources and improve HUD's ability to be effective on the community level.


HUD was established by the Housing Act of US, in 1937 and then later on 1965 it was created as a cabinet level agency. Robert C.Weaver was the first HUD Secretary, in January 1966. Since then HUD is continuously working for the welfare of American Citizens for resolving home financing and other allied issues. Recently, Shaun Donovan was affirmed as the 15th Secretary of the U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Development January 26, 2009.

President Obama proclaimed Donovan to lead the Department and the U.S. Senate confirmed his nomination to confront the challenges facing today’s housing market.

Home Improvements

Whether it is do with fixing a faucet or adding new addition to our home, we need to know the facts and the pitfalls of home improvements. Here are some programs initiated by HUD that can help:-
*Federal Loan Programs
*Community-based Programs
*Consumer Information


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 7th Street S.W., Washington, DC 20410 Telephone: (202) 708-1112 TTY: (202) 708-1455