Housing in St.Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg is located in Florida, in Pinellas County, and is popularly known as the famous holiday destination for European and North American tourists. Tourists from other parts of the world visit the city too.
According to U.S. Census Bureau of 2007, the population of the city was recorded to be 249,079. It happens to be the 4th largest city in Florida and frequently referred as “St.Pete” by the local residents.
St. Petersburg, has witnessed the inflow youth in recent years that makes up a major part of the population.

This perhaps can be attributed to the fact that, there are better employment opportunities in the city.

Historical Lineage

The city was discovered by John.C.Williams who bought the land in the year 1876. Another notable person here is Peter Demens, who played a pivotal role in bringing about the railroad terminus in the year 1888.
Majority of the achievements and accomplishments, social as well as economical took place during the 20th century. It was then that St. Petersburg became one of the most famous retirement destinations among tourists and travelers.
With several attractions that the city harbors for others to explore include, namely a high quality lifestyle with high end civic amenities, pleasant weather and an easy going attitude. The city is a perfect place to spend a holiday. You can also settle here if you are looking forward to work in a relaxed atmosphere.


St. Petersburg experiences a humid subtropical climate. The rainy season is between June and September. The city sometimes witnesses hurricanes and tropical storms. The last time a hurricane struck the city directly was in the year 1921. The climate is conducive for the growth of coconut palms and royal palms.


St. Petersburg’s city government is authorized and managed by a sound mayor structure. Here the elected mayor takes the role of a CEO and diligently takes charge of the welfare of the people and other allied issues.
The City Council is a group of eight members, where the members are elected from the individual districts in the beginning. Post that the election happens city wide.


The languages spoken by the people of the city are English, Spanish, German and French.


St. Petersburg attaches a great deal of importance to education and other academic practices. The cities important centers of education are:-

* University of South Florida, St.Petersburg
* St.Petersburg College
* Eckerd College
* The Poynter Institute is a well acclaimed school for courses in Journalism.

Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has some of the finest tourist attractions in Florida. Most of these attractions are museums and galleries. This reflects the rich cultural heritage and also the city’s interest for art and other creative pursuits. Not only does the city take keen interest in promoting art and culture, but it also takes charge in preserving the ancient works. Some of the finest places to visit in the city are listed below:-

* Museum of Fine Art that possess an giant size imitation of the Benoist Seaplane.
* Holocaust Museum
* Salvador Dali Museum
* Mahaffey Theater Complex
* American Stage
* Palladium Theatre
* The Arts Center
* The Coliseum
* The Midtown Royal Theater
* Florida Craftsmen Gallery
St. Petersburg Pier is a small aquarium that is open to the public. It also has facilities for shopping, retail outlets, and other recreational and adventure activities and fine dining.


The nearest international airport is the Tampa International Airport. On the other hand, the St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport operates flights to nearby towns and cities.

General aviation services and amenities are provided by Albert Whitted Airport, located at central St.Pete.

Real Estate and Housing

St. Petersburg has become commercially very active with new offices and other work related constructional activities taking place. Hence the real estate and housing activities are on the move now. The property prices in the city have reduced in recent times, as compared to the high prices that prevailed years back
Within reasonable price range you will find foreclosures, rented homes, apartments, condos, separate huge houses, and bungalows. It is also reported that the House Price Index, that is based on the home purchases has gone down by 11 per cent, for the first three quarters individually in 2009. This was reported by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
Most people in St. Petersburg and outside the city thought this reduction in cost to be an ideal opportunity to invest in the real estate and housing options.