Housing in Orange City, Florida

Orange City, is situated in Volusia County, in Florida. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the total population was 7,172. The city is small cozy town-like area that has undergone radical changes over the years.

Today the city has evolved a lot over time and offers its residents all the possible urban amenities. According to the United States Census Bureau, the total area of the land covered by water is 0.98 per cent.

Population Mix

The population of the city is made up of several races and communities. The Whites occupy the greater share of the mix, for instance 92.97 per cent of the total population. Other races that are prevalent are the Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asians, African Americans, the Latino or the Hispanics and many more.
According to the survey, by the census board, the city’s median household income is $26,883 and the median income for the community is $34,003 approximately.

Historical Places of Interest

Orange City has certain historical places that are interesting and fascinating, which you can visit on your trip to the city. Some of the names are given below:-

* Seth French House
* Louis P.Thursby House
* Dickinson Memorial Library and Park
* Orange City History District
* Orange City Colored School
* Orange City Town Hall


The city over the ages has given great importance to education and academics. There are the elementary schools and high schools for the basic learning. Post that the students pursue higher education from the city colleges or shift to the University of Florida. The schools with their given curriculum and set of teachers impart the best possible education to their students in terms of academics as well as extra curricular activities. Some of the eminent schools in Orange City are mentioned below:-

* Orange City Elementary School
* Storefront School West
* Kids Club Preschool LLC
* Learning Bridge Academy
* Emmaus Lutheran Preschool
* River Springs Middle School
* Childs World of Learning


The climate of the city is mostly warm, soothing and sunny for most part of the year. There is humidity during the summers. Winters are characterized by the cool and comfortable climatic conditions, with almost no snowfall. The city witnesses rainfall up to 56 inches per year.


There are people of various religious beliefs residing in the city, namely the Catholics, Christians, Jews, Protestants and Islam.



The city has a rich history and cultural past that is reflected in the relics and the historical artifacts which are preserved in the museums. These museums reflect how Orange City has been in its yesteryears highligting the culture and lifestyle. Some of the eminent museums that you must visit are listed below:-

* De Bary Hall Historic Site
* Deland Naval Air Station
* Henry De Land House Museum
* Sanford Museum
* African American Museum Art
* West Volusia Historicals
* Florida Museum for Women
* Museum for Art and Science
* Deltona Arts and Historical Society

This suggests that the residents of the city, past and present have a penchant for art and culture and strive towards preserving them for the future.


Shopping is an important aspect of any vacation or trip. Orange City has some attractive shopping malls and plazas from where not only can you obtain some city specific items like cloth, food and jewellery, but also you can browse from other global brands available. These shopping malls are located in and around Orange City. Some of the important names are listed below:-

* West Volusia Towne Center
* Oviedo Marketplace
* Mall At Millenia
* Seminole Towne center
* Volusia Mall
* Walmart Supercenter
* Altamonte Mall
* Oceanwalk Shoppes

Real Estate and Housing

Housing and real estate is developing and evolving in Orange City. The city has many options from the available property list of foreclosures, condos, flats and apartments, rented homes and single family homes, estates and bungalows and the like. The prices on an average range from $45, 000 to $246,900 and even more at times.
The realtors and the builders are undertaking new projects, as the population of the city is increasing and people would need homes to reside
Some people shy away from the real estate agents in Orange City, whilst making an investment due to some inhibitions. The real estate agents can be quite helpful, in helping you attain the best housing deal.