Housing in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida, having territorial expanse much larger as compared to other cities. The major part of the population resides within the city parameters, and has been ranked as the 12th most populated city in the US.
The city is located northeast of Florida with St.Johns River at the center.

The area that came to be known as Jacksonville was discovered as Cowford in the year 1791. It earned its previous name (Cowford) owing to the proximity it shared with a nearby cattle area.

Historical Past

The history of Jacksonville dates back hundred years or more. The first housing or settlement of the area was named Ossachite by the anthropologist and dates back to more than 6000 years. This was set up by the Timucua Indians who were mainly the aboriginals. The Europeans arrived in the city for the first time in the year 1562. This was the time when the French explorer and traveler Jean Ribault traversed the St.Johns River.
Over the years Jacksonville has undergone several changes and developments with regards to the economy, government, social set up and the like. In the year 1968, 1st of October, the government had expressed its desire of remodeling the city. Amenities like housing, fire protection and police aid, recreational outlets, health and welfare facilities, urban development have all been part of the program. Since then, the government has followed similar steps to develop the city and keep it at par with the global standards.

Jacksonville today with its economic, social, cultural accomplishments is looked upon as one of the evolved cities of Florida, offering better quality lifestyle to its residents.


Jacksonville records a humid subtropical climate. The weather is mostly mild during the winter season and warm and hot during summers. Winters can at times become a little nippy with cold winds and breeze moving, and the freezing temperature. This extreme temperature in the winter season is only a phase that lasts not more than a span of ten to fifteen nights. At times there is snowfall that melts on the ground.
There is rainfall also, but not heavy and the average is about, 3000 mm annually. The rainy season lasts from June to September.

Tourists Attractions in Jacksonville

The city of Jacksonville has several tourist attractions. Most of them are the museums, parks and gardens, galleries, libraries and the like. Some of the famous tourist spots are given below:-

Jacksonville Riverwalks
Jacksonville Maritime Museum
Friendships Fountain
Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Science and History
Alexander Brest Museum and Gallery
Jacksonville University
Karpeles Manuscript Library
LaVilla Museum
Klutho Building
Temple building
Palm and Cycad Arboretum
Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Shipwreck Island, one of the popular water parks.

Shopping Malls

The city is high on lifestyle and new age home products. There are some eminent shopping centers that Jacksonville has, catering to the several needs of the residents. Some of them are:-

Regency Square Mall
The Avenues Mall
River City Marketplace
St.Johns Town Center


The city harbors the Jacksonville University, which is the seat of education and academics in the city. Some of the most famous schools in the city are the Paxon Schools for advanced studies, Mandarin High School, Stanton College. Some other prominent colleges and universities in Jacksonville are listed below:-
University of North Florida
Edward Waters College
The Art Institute of Jacksonville
Trinity Baptist College
Florida Technical College
Florida Coastal School of Law

Newspaper and Magazines

Media industry is developing in Jacksonville. The major newspaper group is The Florida Times-Union, which is a daily. Metro Jacksonville, Jacksonville Free Press, Folio Weekly are some of the reputed magazines of the city.

Real Estate and Housing Sector

The housing options in Jacksonville are many from the single homes to the condos to the large estates and apartments. The price range varies from $180,000 to $500,000, sometimes even more depending upon the features, locations and other amenities.
If you are planning to invest in the real estate of Jacksonville, then there are certain areas that you should look for better choices and deals. Some of them are given below:-

Victoria Lakes

This area with its 13 beautiful lakes is specially known for the wide variety of single family homes. The location being central and amidst the beaches, complements the pattern of these homes and creates a soothing ambiance.

The Downtown area

This is one area which is known specially for meeting new people of various culture and communities. Major Miami based organizations have set up their organizations here. The most available form of housing option available in this part of Jacksonville is the riverfront condominium. The market for the condos is favorable here with a host of options at reasonable price structure.

South Hampton

South Hampton in Jacksonville has a charm of its own. With the scenic beauty and the buildings it is said to be a paradise for the residents and the tourists. The housing options that you will chance upon more frequently in these areas are the luxurious estates that are reasonably priced.
You can also locate few bungalows and separated townhouses with places like shopping malls and the golf courses near by. All this makes South Hampton all the more desirable for a residential accommodation.