Housing in Florida

The state of Florida is located in the southeast of United States that borders northwest Alabama and north of Georgia. Florida was said to be the twenty seventh state that got added to US.

The land for most of the part is a huge peninsula, which has the Atlantic Ocean to its east and the Gulf of Mexico to its west.

Florida – Ambiance and Climate

The state of Florida is popularly termed as the “Sunshine State”. The name thus indicates its bright and warm climate that remains for most of the year. The climate is mostly subtropical in the central and northern zones of the state. The southern part of Florida however experiences the actual tropical climate.

Florida – Urban Divisions

The state of Florida comprises of four huge urban areas, a cluster of smaller industrial cities and several small towns. The population of the state was estimated to be 18,328,340 as of 2008 by the United States Census Bureau. This makes Florida rank as the fourth largest populous state in the United States. The capital city of the state is Tallahassee. Jacksonville is recorded to be the biggest city and the Miami Metropolitan area with its popularity and expanse is recorded to be the greatest metropolitan junction.

Florida – Energy Composition and Consumption

The state of Florida sores as 45th out of the total 50 states in its total energy utilization per capita. This is irrespective of the high reliance and usage of the air conditioners as well as the pool pumps. This comprises of the natural gas, coal, petroleum as well as retail electricity sales. Records and calculations estimate that a total of approximately 4 per cent energy of the state is produced from the renewable resources.
Florida contributes to almost 6 per cent of the nations total energy outcome. At the same time the sum total production of the pollutants ranks very low. The composition would here include 5.6 percent of nitrogen oxide, 5.1 percent of carbon dioxide, and 3.5 percent of sulphur dioxide. Therefore Florida is a pleasant place to live in, one of the reasons that it attracts tourists from all over the world as well as immigrants who look forward to staying in the state.

* Florida Metropolis

The state of Florida comprises of about twenty Metropolitan Statistical Areas, which in turn is defined by the United States of Management and Budget. Reminiscence of the total populace of the state, the metropolitan areas of Florida are all clustered around the peninsula coast. They form a complete festoon towards the east coast of the state, stretching from Jacksonville MSA to far across the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach MSA. At the same time there also remains a continuous line of the MSA’s on the west coast of the peninsula from the Tampa-t.

* Florida – Economy & GDP

The Gross Domestic Product of Florida was $734.5 billion as of 2007. This makes the state’s GDP to be the fourth largest in US. The industries that contributes most to the state’s gross output are the ones pertaining to trade, public utilities, transportation, manufacturing, construction, finance, hospitality and other general services

Florida – Real Estate

Florida was discovered in the year 1900, by business people and land speculators such as Henry Flagler, Henry Plant and the like. It is them who then made way for the developed railroad systems that in turn ushered many others to move into Florida. They were mostly drawn by the climate and the local state of the economy. It is from them tourism was flourishing in Florida, that accelerated the process of development and growth.
It was owing to the communal effect on the insurance sector of the hurricane claims in the year 2004 that the house holders insurance has increased from 40 per cent to 60 per cent. It was in the third quarter of 2009 that, there were about 278.289 delinquent loans. There was also a count of 80,327 foreclosure houses. The sale of the existing residences in February 2010 was 11,890. This was an increase by 21 per cent from the same month in the year 2009. In Florida the average sales price for an existing house is $131,000

Why live in Florida

Florida is in a state of developing economies now. The negative impact of recession has withered away. The states education system provides one of the efficient and systemized erudition to candidates as well as individuals. The job sector too is improving; Housing and real estate options are widening their variety in the days to come. All these make it favorable to stay and continue with a living in Florida.