Housing in Holly Hills, Florida

Holly Hill, is located in Volusia County in Florida. According to the U.S.Bureau of 2004 the population was estimated to be 12,586.

Much of the city is within the stretch of Florida mainland. This is not the case for other cities like Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach that occupies both the beach zone and the mainland, across the Halifax River.
The city of Holly Hill, witnessed radical changes both socially as well as economically. The government is working towards providing better amenities in order to enhance the living standards of the residents.

Population Mix

The racial make up of the city, comprises the Whites who are maximum in number. This is followed by the Latinos or the Hispanics, Afro Asians, Asians, Native Americans, African Americans and Pacific Islanders. Rarely will you find Spanish residents.


The climate of Holly Hill, gives its residents about 215 bright, warm days in a year. The summer months tend to be hot and humid, whilst the winters are cold and soothing. The city experiences mild snowfall during the winters, of about 1 inch. There are possibilities of rainfall also, and the annual rainfall is 50 inches.

Crime and Security

The crime rate in the city is low. The government has done substantial investments in surveillance security systems to protect its residents from any crime or other social unrest.

Churches in Holly Hill

Holly Hill has some beautiful churches that are reflective of the old world culture and traditions. The architecture of the churches highlights the skill and craftsmanship that has gone into making them. The motifs and the décor are evocative and thought provoking. Some of the eminent churches that you can take a glimpse of when you travel to the city are listed below:-

* Trinity Lutheran Church and School
* Union Congregational Church
* Daytona Christian Church
* Hope Fellowship Church
* Faith Baptist Church
* Church of God Prophecy Personage
* Unity Church
* Flomich Avenue Baptist Church


The students attain their primary education from the middle and high schools, and higher studies in the city colleges. For advanced studies most of the students continue studying in Florida Universities. The city is yet to have a university or academic institution that would support advanced studies globally. The existing schools and institutes in an around the city include the following:-

* Holly Hill Middle School
* Open Bible Christian Academy
* Westside Elementary School
* Volusia County Marine Institute
* Advanced Technology Center
* Walter A. Hurst Elementary School
* David C Hinson Senior Middle School


Museums reflect a city or country’s past through the relics and objects that have been preserved across generations. The museum of Holly Hill highlights its past and takes you to old Holly Hill. At the same time there are the science fiction museum that highlights several innovative creations done through the application of technology and science.

* Museum of Art and Science
* Halifax Historical Society Museum
* Living Legends of Auto Racing
* Ormond Beach Historical Trust
* Hungarian Folk Art Museum
* Ormond Memorial Art Museum

Dining and shopping

Holly Grill offers you fine options in dining, where you can have a sumptuous platter. Some of the major eateries of the city are the Hampton’s Restaurant, Nelly’s Deli, Chucherias Hondurenas, Sorrento Deli Restaurant and many more.
If you like to shop whilst you’re on a trip or vacation, the shopping plazas and centers in the city would be a delight for you. There are various product ranges available at reasonable prices.
You can choose from the huge plazas or the small market stalls to buy cloth, dresses, household appliances, food and other items. Some of the famous shopping outlets in and around the city that you can visit are:-

* Volusia Mall
* Holly Hill Plaza
* Daytona Shopping Center
* Bellair Plaza

Real Estate and Housing

The neighborhood of Holly hill is serene and family oriented. The people are social and friendly. You can locate some excellent riverfront homes and beach homes here. The prices might be at an average of $ 225,000 or even more depending on the locality you choose and other facilities. They mostly occupy an area of approximately 2,500 square feet and have 2-3 bedrooms and other features. An attached garage or parking space comes along with it.
Apart from this there are the regular condos, foreclosures, family homes and apartments. You can always get in touch with the local real estate agents for any investments.