Housing in Grace Ville, Florida

Graceville, a city in Jackson County is located in Florida, United States. It is a small city that recorded a population of 2,393 as per the U.S.Census Bureau of 2004.
The origin of the name cannot be traced, but some researchers once opined the name having association with the city churches.

The city with its scenic beauty, attractive tourist spots and its relaxed way of life is an ideal place for a vacation. If you are planning to shift base for a while, Graceville can be a good option.
The city with its amenities, offers all urban facilities as well has a calm and soothing feel about it, away from the hustle bustle.

Population Mix

The population composition of the city includes many races. The major part is formed by the Whites. Other races and communities that make up the population are the African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians and others. Some times you can also locate the blacks and Spanish. It is said, during the yester years, the aboriginal tribes of various cultures once inhabited the city.

Culture and Tradition

It is evident from the presence of so many races cohabiting together, that the city is diverse in cultural beliefs and ethos. The inhabitants hold profound respect and regard for the various cultural practices and rituals. Community development activities bond the communities together, and help individuals to connect with each other.


The city gives importance to education and academic activities. It also addresses the issues related to imparting education to children and women. There are the city schools and colleges that provide basic and higher education to the students. Initiatives are now being taken, to enhance education by creating universities and other evolved academic institution. Some of the schools and colleges are listed below:-

* Graceville Elementary Schools
* Graceville High School
* The Baptist College of Florida (Graceville Campus)

Tourist Attractions in Graceville

If you are taking a trip to Graceville, then you must make it a point to visit the following tourist attractions listed below:-

* Marianna Twin Cinema
* State of Florida : Falling Waters State Park
* Alabama Welcome Center
* Adventureland Theme Park
* Florida Caverns State Park
* Country Crossing Resort & Casino
* Green Hill Golf Course
* Fun Zone Skate Center


The climate of Graceville is sub tropical, and in a year on an average it records 237 bright and sunny days. There are rainfalls that take place, the amount being 53 inches annually and snowfall is almost negligible. Summers are characterized by slight humidity in the air whilst the winters are cool, soothing getting chilly at times.

Religious Beliefs

The inhabitants of Graceville have faith in their own religion and there is not any single religion that dominates. There are people who follow Catholic, Christians, Jewish, Protestant religion. At the same time there are the ones who belong to the Islamic faith as well.

Graceville Churches

The city is also known for its churches and their archaic architecture. The churches with their architectural patterns and designs, is reminiscent of old Graceville. The churches that you must visit are listed below:-

* Poplar Springs Baptist Church
* New Easter Missionary Baptist Church
* Graceville Church of God
* Third United Holiness Church
* MT Cavalry Holiness Church
* First Baptist Church
* First United Methodist Church

Graceville Shopping Plazas

If you have a penchant for shopping, Graceville Shopping Malls and plazas would be your perfect destination. These malls are well constructed and are well serviced by professionals. You can choose from a host of these malls that the city has. Some of the names are given below:-

* Northside Mall
* Wiregrass Commons Mall
* Chap Corporation
* Motley’s Mall
* Martindale Plaza Inc

Real estate and Housing

Real estate and housing options in Graceville is in a developmental stage now. However, if you are aiming at an investment then you can choose from the luxurious homes, estate houses, condominiums, foreclosure openings, rented homes and apartments, single family homes, the townhouses and the like.
The average house price is listed at $105,924 and some times can go up depending on the location and other facilities. You can also locate empty land spaces that can be utilized for residential and other purposes.