Cocoa is located in Brevard County, Florida and the population count being 16,412 as per the 2000 Census. The city subsidized the YMCA membership at the Brevard Community College for its residents at a price of $70,000 per year. This happened between 2002-07.

The city is now undergoing radical changes and development that are aimed towards providing the residents and the immigrants who shift here, a better and evolved quality of life.

Historical Past

The city of cocoa was discovered and established by the fishermen community who arrived here in the year 1860. At that point of time a post office was set up at Magnolia Point. The city had its first ever commercial building constructed in 1881.
The initial settlement area was set up in the year 1882, and was named the “Indian River City”. This took place on a land plot that was owned by Captain R.A.Hardee
The source from which the city derived its name has not been found out. Some researchers have opined that the place had some association with the Cocoa Tree.
It was during the later half of the 20th century that the city had paced up its economic development and population growth. It is then that Cocoa witnessed development in various fields of business and commerce, technology, education, retail, media and other fields.


The councils were managing the duties and responsibilities of the government. The City Council acts as the Board of Directors for the city, along with the Mayor as the Chairman and the City Manager is akin to the Chief Executive.
The Cocoa City County is constituted of 5 members. The Mayor is elected by the mass at large and the four council members are elected by the individual districts.
The Cocoa Village area has been revamped with some new grants by the government and other private investments. The Diamond Square Redevelopment Agency has been created in order to take charge of enhancing the residential and commercial values in the remote places of the city.


Education is of great importance to the residents of Cocoa. The city mostly has schools and universities to support the academic structure. The government is now taking steps towards making plans for setting centers of higher education in the city. The existing schools and universities are:-

* Clearlake Middle School
* Cocoa High School
* University of Central Florida (Cocoa Campus)
* Brevard Community College (Cocoa Campus)

Radio Stations

Cocoa has also progressed in the media front. Radio which is a popular entertainment and information mode now, is also flourishing. The radio frequencies that are accessible in the city are listed below:-

* WJFP 93.9 FM
* WWBC 1510 AM
* WMMV 1350 AM
* WMIE-FM 91.5

Cocoa Places of Attractions

If you are visiting Cocoa you should visit some of the eminent places of interest in the city. These are mostly museums and churches. Some of the names that are famous tourist spots and areas of historical relevance are listed below:-

* Florida Solar Energy Center
* Porcher House
* City Point Community Church
* Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science
* Community Woman's Club
* Aladdin Theater
* Historic Derby Street Chapel

Eminent Residents

The city of Cocoa has a friendly atmosphere and a calm and relaxed lifestyle with some of the eminent residents residing here. Some of the noteworthy names are given below:-

* Kim Adler, a professional bowler.
* Kelly Slater a professional surfer.
* Ben Going, the famous Youtube video maker was born in Cocoa.
* Emory L. Bennett who is a recipient of Medal of Honor recipient.
* Michael Blake, who is the first African-American president of the Space Coast League of Cities

Housing and Real estate in Cocoa

In the year 2008, permission of 49 buildings was approved. Previously the limit was up to 37 buildings. The median home price was $180,000 in the year 2007.
The housing options in the city are mostly in the form of single homes, villas, estates, foreclosures, rented apartments and houses. You can also locate some attractive condos and townhouses. The price ranges are given below :-

* Homes/ Single Family Homes – $750k - $1million and more.
* Condos: - $900k - $1 million and more.
* Townhouses: - $500k - $1million and more.

With more and more residents in the city, the real estate developments are on the rise now. The prices too are being structured as per the requirements of the customers and the amenities provided. New projects are being undertaken by the realtors and the developers for different target groups. If you are willing to make a real estate investment in real estate and housing in Cocoa then consulting the real estate agents or visiting the realty portals would be helpful.