Florida Housing Coalition

The Florida Housing Coalition is a statewide and non-profit organization. The organization works with an aim of getting together the housing resources and advocates.

This is done, so that people in Florida have access to reasonable and quality residences and an appropriate living environment.
The organization renders professional consultancy in terms of technical support and training on reasonable housing and other allied issues. It also supports all community development initiatives and policies, laws that enable optimum flow of funds concerning housing issues.
Over the years the Florida Housing Coalition has been carrying on these functions, realizing the fact that reasonable housing is an integral part of economic development and community revitalization.


In Florida, each and every community thrives on some ethics, which reflects a belief that each person has the right to choose a safe, decent and an affordable dwelling. The Florida Housing Coalition works with this mission in mind. With its programs and practices, the organizations allow the residents of Florida to choose a house of their own that is affordable and serves all other basic needs.

Core Competency

The organization has committed itself to offer effective training opportunities pertaining to community development and housing, where you might require any help or support. Florida Housing Coalition has a sound and diverse history. It has many partners and financers. These groups of financers and partners help FHC to attain and achieve its target in housing and community betterment. Some of the names are given below:-
* Banking Institutions
* Local Governments
* Florida Community Loan Fund
* Neighborhood Stabilization Program
* Florida TA Provider for HOME, CHDOs, OTAG, ESG, CDBG Private Sector
* Florida Department of Community Affairs
* Florida Housing Finance Corporation
* The Governor's Office of Urban Affairs
* HOME Investment Partnership Program
* Affordable Housing Catalyst Program
* U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
* Florida Developmental Disabilities Council
* Federal Home Loan Bank or Atlanta
* State Housing Initiative Partnership Program
* Pre-Development Loan Program
* Office of Urban Opportunity-Front Porch

Team Structure

The Florida Housing Coalition is headquartered in Tallahassee and there are six other offices operating in Florida. The technical support team of the organization comprise a group of professionally skilled workers. There are also other professionals who are trained in the areas of housing development, finance and planning. The professional technical team is a group of twenty five members. The existing teams of the organization are professionals who are accomplished and experts in their respective fields.

Housing Programs by Florida Housing Coalition

The Florida Housing Coalition is known as Florida’s provider for reasonable housing training and other technical assistance that are required by the residents. The organization is acclaimed in the city as an important authority that addresses concerns like community development and housing opportunities and other related matters.

State Housing Partnership Program

The State Housing Partnership Program provides monetary aid to the local government bodies in form of commission or incentive. This is done so that local government units can establish partnerships that create and preserve reasonable housing opportunities. Another objective is to make way for the multifamily housing options.
This program was formulated mainly to help the moderate and low income families, so that they can purchase a home, invest in any home repair work, home renovation and the like.

Online Housing Help

The Florida Housing Coalition has realized the fact that more and more people are becoming cyber savvy. Most people today log on to the net in order to seek help and guidance on any given issue.
Therefore, the organization has a group of experts who are involved in helping the residents of Florida address their housing queries over the internet. The solutions that are provided are all customized.

Training and Workshops

The Florida Housing Coalition has set up a curriculum that is mainly designed to enhance the skills and abilities of the state housing providers. It is mandatory for the provider to attend five workshops and a separate elective workshop. It is primarily created and modeled for those set of housing workers, who have less than five years of experience in Florida housing market.
For the professionals who have relevant experience in Florida housing market they can attend the Advanced Curriculum classes and benefit from the same.

Community Land Trust Unit

Another domain that aids in the process of procuring affordable housing solutions is the Community Land Trust Unit. This is a collaboration between the Florida Housing Coalition, 1000 Friends of Florida and tow statewide 501(c) (3) organizations.