Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach, a city in Nassau County is located in Florida. The first people to inhabit the land were the Timucuan Indian tribes.

The city is known as the “Isle of 8 Flags”, that it has been hoisting since 1562. The names included here are France, Great Britain, Spain, Mexico, Green Cross of Florida, Patriots of Amelia Island, Confederate State of America and United States.
According to the U.S.Census Bureau of 2008, the population was estimated to be 12,076.
The city rests on the Amelia Islands, and is a friendly and beautiful community. Being situated on the north-eastern tip of Florida, the city happens to be a wonderful option for vacation and retirement. Apart from this, the city also has many restaurants, shopping malls, ocean resorts, parks and golf courses.


The climate of Fernandina Beach is more or less pleasant. And it is bright and sunny throughout the year. During the months of July, August the temperature is a little high, while January records lower temperature. The city receives a rainfall of 51 inches annually and the snowfall is minimal.

Population Mix

According to the U.S Census Bureau, majority of the people in Fernandina Beach are the Whites. The other races that also belong to the city are the Asians, Blacks, Native Americans, and Hispanics as well as the non-Hispanics.


Education is important to the residents of Fernandina Beach. The city has a few elementary and high schools. The government is working towards setting up an institution and other academic outlets for higher education for their local students and the immigrants. Some of the schools in the city are listed below:-

* Atlantic Elementary School
* Southside Elementary School
* Emma Love Hardee Elementary School
* Fernandina Beach Middle School
* Fernandina Beach High School

Eminent Residents

The famous attorney named Raymond A. Brown used to reside in Fernandina Beach. His clientele included names like Joanne Chesimard who is a member of Black Liberation Army, physician Mario Jascalevich and the famous boxer Rubin Carter also known as Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.

Fernandina Beach Attractions

The small and cozy city of Fernandina Beach, has some tourist attractions that are located near to it. Some of the famous places that you must visit if you are taking a trip to the city are given below:-

* Amelia Island Museum of History
* Amelia River Cruises & Cumberland Sound Ferry
* Gold Club of Amelia
* Island Falls Adventure Golf
* Carmike Amelia Island 7
* Windward Sailing
* Amelia Surf & Racquet Club
* Golf Club at North Hampton
* Amelia Island Charter Boat

Exploring Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach can be distinguished from other cities, as it’s the only place that has most foreign flags hoisted over the shores. The downtown area is reminiscent of an old world feel and ambiance. The Palace Saloon is one of the oldest bars in the city. With its laid back ambiance and the tin ceilings it creates an atmosphere that would take one down memory lane.
Golfing is one of the famous activities in the city owing to the soothing weather and the vast number of excellent golf courses. Tennis too is quite prevalent.
Another popular outdoor activity is horse riding. Horse ownership is also very prominent in the city, and adding on that you will also find some equestrian communities that include some upscale ones.
You can also explore the beaches and the parks whilst taking a stroll in the evening with family or friends.


The crime rate in the city is very low. At the same time, Fernandina Beach is also equipped with police and other forms of security service to safeguard its residents.


The people of Fernandina Beach are amiable and friendly. They lead a simple life. They do their daily work and also spend quality time with their families. They give great importance to traditional and cultural values, and are often involved in community development activities.

Real Estate and Housing

Real estate is now in a flourishing stage in Fernandina Beach. You can choose from a host of single family homes, townhouses, rented apartments, villas and condos. Apart from these the Beach Homes and the Luxury Beach homes have increased now.
Many people from other countries are settling down in the city after retirement. This has made the beach home properties very popular. The price range varies and depends mostly on the area and the features provided.
The realtors are now investing in the making of contemporary, urban and compact houses catering to the needs of all income groups. If you are aiming for real estate investment, then the local real estate agents and the realty websites would be informative and helpful.