Florida Housing Authority

The Florida Housing Authority is engaged in the management and the development of housing options for the residents of Florida.

The authority takes into account the sections that are economically weak and feeble too. The initiative that the housing authority undertakes in terms of housing developments can be listed below:-
* To assist and facilitate activities leading to the betterment of the neighborhood.
* To help residents of Florida develop economically.
* To offer people of Florida decent, safe, reasonable and low cost housing options.
* To provide housing options that would also help the moderate income group of the city.


The Florida Housing Authority has several other authorities under it that are involved in various programs related to housing and housing development. Some of the programs that the authority supports and funds are:-

* Homeownership Pool Program
* First Time Home Buyer Program
* Florida Housing’s Affordable Rental Housing Online Locator
* State Housing Initiative Partnerships
* Home Investment Partnerships
* Multifamily development Programs
* Pre Development Loan Programs and many more.

Salient Features

Some of the functions or salient features of the authority can be described as below:-

* Florida housing authority is the local governing agency for the housing assistance agenda and programs that are financed by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Developments. It provides all the facilities for rental assistance and housing aid to the low income groups and families. It also extends its helping hand to the senior citizens as well as to the disabled ones.

* The authority forms the basic platform to register and find out extensive information about housing programs in Florida. You can find out about all the legalities and applications here, the waiting lists specially that rakes place, mostly for programs like Housing Choice Vouchers. It also takes charge of managing and maintaining the public housing units.

* A Housing Choice Voucher provides rental help to the people who would otherwise find it difficult to acquire an apartment. The voucher holders generally search for rental housing options in the private market. Different voucher programs would have different methods of application entailed within it. Traditionally, a voucher enables the holder to pay 30 per cent of his monthly salary towards the rent. Apart from this the voucher covers up the rental deposit and makes up the difference. To be eligible to apply for such a voucher, the family income should not surpass 50 per cent of the median income.
* Florida Housing Authority also supports and provides help to other housing authorities listed within it.

Housing authorities under Florida Housing Authority

The Florida Housing Authority forms the umbrella that supports other housing authorities within the city listed under it. They are listed below:-

* Boley Centers for Behavioral Healthcare
* Deerfield Beach Housing Authority
* Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority
* Daytona Beach Housing Authority
* Delray Beach Housing Authority
* Dania Beach Housing Authority
* Bradenton Section 8 Housing
* Clearwater Housing Authority
* Broward County Housing Authority
* Bradenton Housing Authority
* Carrfour Supportive Housing
* Brevard Family of Housing
* Crestview Housing Authority
* Seminole County Housing Authority
* Winter Park Housing Authority
* Union County Housing Authority
* Tallahassee Housing Authority
* St. Petersburg Housing Authority
* Alachua County Housing Authority
* Tampa Housing Authority
* Tarpon Springs Housing Authority
* West Palm Beach Housing Authority
* Sumter County Housing Department
* Volusia County Section 8
* Lake County Housing Agency
* Manatee County Housing Authority
* Lakeland Housing Authority
* Lake Wales Housing Authority
* Lee County Human Services
* Osceola County Section 8
* Polk County Housing & Neighborhood Development
* Sarasota Housing Authority
* Pinellas County Housing Authority
* Sarasota Community Development Division
* Pasco County Housing Authority
* Pensacola Housing Department
* Miami Department of Community Development
* Ormond Beach Housing Authority
* Orange County Housing and Community Development
* Miami Dade Housing Agency
* Orlando Housing Authority
* Miami Beach Housing Authority
* Jacksonville Housing Authority
* Hernando County Housing Authority
* Fort Myers Housing Authority
* Gainesville Housing Authority
* Indian River County Housing Authority
* Hillsborough County Section 8 Housing
* Haines City Housing Assistance
* Fort Pierce Housing Authority
* Hollywood Housing Authority
* Hialeah Housing Authority
* Housing Partnership, Inc.