Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is a city in the Duval County in Florida, located in the northern most part of the Jacksonville communities. Like many other small towns, the city has got its municipal government. The residents cast their vote for the Jacksonville election and are also represented by the Jacksonville city council.

According to the Census Bureau of 2005, the population count was of 13,436.
Development of Atlantic Beach commenced in the year 1900, after the construction of the Mayport stop by Henry Flagler located in the northern part of the town. Most of the land was bought and enhanced by the Atlantic Beach Corporation, and the town was set up in the year 1926.
In the year 1987 the town expanded its territory and took possession of the Seminole Beach, which previously had been within the Jacksonville city limits.


The present Mayor is John Meserve, who is also the manager of Fleet Landing. This is a veteran’s retirement community in town.

Population Mix

With regards to the population mix, the Whites’ occupy the greater part of the racial structure of the city. Other communities that are prevalent in the city are the Native Americans, African Americans, Asians, Hispanic or Latino, Pacific Islanders and the like.

Notable residents of Atlantic Beach

The city of Atlantic Beach is home to some of the well known people. Some of the eminent names are Timothy Anderson, who is a well acclaimed golf player of the city. The other names would include Whitney Thompson, who has been the winner of “America’s Next Top Model and Brian Sexton, a creative artist of Jacksonville.


Atlantic Beach climate remains warm and pleasant. The warmest month is July and the coolest month is January. August is relatively wet with mild showers. The highest temperature recorded in the city was 107 degrees in the year 1952 and the lowest temperature was 1 degree in the year 1985. The city does not face extremes of climatic conditions on a regular basis. The overall atmosphere is warm and temperate.

Museums in Atlantic Beach

If you are planning to take a trip to Atlantic Beach, then visiting the museums and galleries is a must. They carry old history of the city and other ancient relics. The galleries are a hub for creative work done by the craftsmen of the city. Some of the important museums to visit are:-

Village Arts, located near Verda Beach
Eclectic Gallries, well known a plethora of glass work.

Best Hotels in Atlantic Beach

Travel and tourism is a booming industry in Atlantic Beach, which made a number of hotels develop and flourish in the city. Some of the eminent hotels that the city boasts of are:-
* Western Mayport Inn and Suites
* The Palms – A Courtyard Inn
* Comfort Inn Mayport
* Ponte Vedra Inn and Club

Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre

One of the main tourist attractions in Atlantic Beach is the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre. This is a place where you can enjoy high quality creative performances in music, drama, comedy and the like. The theatre saw a variety of new adaptations of old classical work and other plays and theatrical performances.

Atlantic Beach Attractions

Atlantic Beach is next to Mayport, which is a historic fishing village. It is also the United States’ Naval Base. One of the most important attractions in the city is the Kathryn Abbey Hannah and the Atlantic Beach’s Town Center. Other attractions would include the parks, restaurants, shopping centers, luxury boutiques and the like.

Real estate and Housing

With regards to real estate in Atlantic Beach the villas and beachfront properties are famous in the city. The housing options include townhouses, single family residences and foreclosures. You can locate a number outstanding homes and apartments near Ocean Walk, Selva Marina, Beach Avenue, Seminole Road and the like.
The homes are reasonably priced and have all the required amenities. The villas are high priced, suited specially for the upper class house owners. Though the supply of homes previously in the city was minimal but now the realtors are undertaking new projects. This results in making real estate a flourishing industry now in Atlantic Beach.