It is over the past six months, the real estate builders and the sellers in the city of Oakland have come to realize that the market owing to the economic recession has undergone some changes.

The conditions are now improving and so is the market.
Although the market conditions now are much smoother and flexible, yet the power now in terms of the real estate growth and expansion lies in the hands of the serious buyers, who are sure that they have now got greater scope for negotiation while making investment proposals.
The sellers in Oakland are now not very keen to focus on the cash crunching numbers of the current sales or for that matter individual who are not pragmatic about their home conditions and will continue letting their homes stay in the market till such time it gets expired.

Oakland Property features and trends

The two most important factors with regards to the selling of properties in Oakland are that, the sellers need to think about the presentation and the cost structure.
The best way out for the real estate sellers is to arrange the property for sale in the premium condition possible, by adding up on the curb appeal, the functioning cosmetic upgrades is there required and also perhaps by a improvising the interiors of the property.
A trend that has gained popularity is the trend of staging the property. This has resulted in the rapid and high sales for the real estate holders. One must take care that the home or the residential construction should be staged if the same is in perfect condition and well co-coordinated.
This is because the sellers on all occasions cannot always take charge of redoing up the property before staging. Hence, if the home is somewhat like a light fixer then it is advised that the property should be cleaned and organized as best as possible rather than staging it.

Bay Area
One of the areas in Oakland that has gained popularity over the years owing to the prospects of real estate scopes and expansion is the Bay Area. It is rated to be one of the best places to live as well as work. It has a comfortable weather and the climatic conditions are soothing. The climate is Mediterranean. The city of Oakland is home to almost 400,000 and more residents and numerous outstation students.

Therefore, real estate demand is high. Apart from that there are several other things to venture out in Oakland. The city is home to the Oakland Raiders pro football tea, the Golden State Warriors pro basket ball team. Oakland is also a hub for concerts and also other events and the like.

Reasons to Invest in Oakland

The hills and the vast plains of Oakland comprises of several homes and estates of Bay Area region, which is also a picturesque landscape. Another district that holds paramount importance with regards to real estate, mostly for residential purposes is the Montclair district.
The landholdings in Oakland now are even more reasonable than before. Be it the condominiums, the single owned homes, the urbane complexes real estate prices too are lucrative to make future investments. There are several prospective deals related to real estate, and the value would go up over the years.
Hence, prospective buyers would gain from this scenario. Therefore, all this makes Oakland a favorable place to invest in property holdings with favorable locations, reasonable prices as well as a comfortable lifestyle.

Cost Structure
According to market reports and research the average price of land in Oakland per square foot was $195 that is an increase of about 7.1 % compared to the prices in the previous year. Also the media sales price for the houses is tagged at $219,000 for the time period December 09 to February 2010 that is on the basis of 1474 home sales.