Housing in California

California is the third largest state in the United States of America and is also the second most populated state of the country. Its has Nevada, Arizona, Pacific Ocean, and Oregon as its neighboring places.

It is situated in the western coast of the county. The four largest cities of California are San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The capital of the state of CA is Sacramento. It is well known for its diverse population and varied climatic conditions. The area of California stretches from the coast of the Pacific ocean in the west to the Nevada mountain ranges in the east. It also stretches across from the Redwood fir forests in the north till the Mojave deserts in the east.

The highest point of the state is the Mount Whitney and the lowest point is the Death Valley. In the early 19th century the state of California witnessed a large number of people flocking in to the state causing an economic boom. San Francisco, which only had temporary tents for people to stay has now become one of the most expensive cities of the country. Tourism in Los Angeles also picked up with great speed. The other contributors tot he state's economy is the petroleum, IT – information technology, and the aerospace sector. The California academy of sciences has played a very important role in eradicating unemployment in the state. This has generated a number of jobs so that there is no unemployment here.

The population of California is estimated to be somewhere around 40 crores. Owning a house in one of the most developed states of the most developed country is something that each one of us dream of. With a number of remarkable developments in different areas, the housing prices in CA is also high. Housing facilities in CA is plenty. Right from flats to apartments, you can invest in condos, villas or bungalows suiting your budget and family needs. The government has also come forward in helping people find an affordable house realizing their dreams of owning a house in California. That is why, it has passed a law, which says that housing is a civil right and all the citizens of America have the right to own a house of their choice.

The economy of California is the fifth largest economy in the world and this is because of its ever growing commercial and industrial world. Living in California promises a very high quality life. The minute you think of California, the first thing that comes to your mind is the elite class life style. And why not? This place surely deserves it. There is the California real estate commission that looks in to matter of housing sectors. There are a number of private and public enterprises also who provide affordable housing in California. One such department is the HUD – housing and urban development of America, which provides affordable home solutions to all the people. The HUD focuses more on the middle and the lower income group people so that even they are able to afford a house in CA.

The law and order in the state of California is maintained perfectly by the government. The police departments are present in every area and are available whenever required.
Once a person thinks of buying a house, the first thing that comes to his or mind is the safety and security of that particular area. But, this too is being very well planned and executed. Thus, living in California seems like a dream come true. The government also helps you in realizing this dream of yours by providing affordable housing solutions in the state.