California Housing Laws

California Housing Laws are given out by the government to govern the housing sector of the state. In order to make it even more effective and efficient, the state has come out with a project called the California Housing Law Project.

This law project works for the housing related issues and is dedicated specially to the low income group people.

California Housing Law Project

The California housing law project is a project undertaken by the government of California in order to remove all kinds of discriminations against the people belonging to the lower strata of the society. It gives out public interest laws and also supports the fair housing laws, community development laws and the federal housing laws. All the organizations that support the housing law projects are non profit entities. There main concern is solving the housing related concerns in the state of California. It began in 1990 and within a period of one year it has won the hearts of millions in CA.

Some of the California housing laws are:

1. Section 1331 provides special care to the people suffering from any kind of disabilities
2. Section 987 removes the rigid restrictions on housing units which are imposed on the people belonging to the low income groups
3. Section 976 prohibits all sorts of discriminations done by the landlords
4. Section 1354 does not allow discrimination on the basis of race, religion or nationality
5. Section 568 prohibits landlords from charging a very high house rent

All these laws came into effect immediately after the law project was enforced. These laws have been amended only once since its formation and this was done in the year 2007. The housing department constantly strives to give comfortable living conditions to all and that is why the laws have come in to existence. Violating these laws is a serious offense.

To know more on the affordable housing law project log on to the link given below and for more information on the recently amended laws you can log on to . Both these websites will act as a guide in taking you through all the laws and codes of operation in the state of California.