California Housing Consortium

The California Housing Consortium was established in the year 1997 in order to assist the non profit housing organizations and developers.

It is also called as the CHC and it is has been quite successful in bringing the public as well as the private sectors together. Both the sectors work towards bringing out affordable housing in the state of California. The main aim of the California Housing Consortium is to offer housing solutions to the low income group. It gave out the tax credit program and also worked for the section 8 housing department. The state of California was initially called as the state of tents. This was because, buying a house in this state was out of a common man's reach. That is why, people used to stay only for a temporary period and shift to other parts of America.

The CMC mission was to develop the state in all areas including the housing area. It made possible affordable housing and the development of the entire community in all cities of California. It aims in collaborating with the top business leaders, financial enterprises, NGO – non profit organizations, house providers and the government in order to increase the availability of houses for the moderate and low income people in the state. The CMC is different from other associations because it does not focus on earning profit. Although, profit is very important for the survival of any business enterprise, but the CMC focuses on development of the society first. It also spreads public awareness and lets the public know of all the various programs conducted by the organization.

The three steps that the California Housing Consortium follows are:

1. Promoting all regulatory reforms
2. Sustaining all the funds of the public sector and using them for their development
3. Using the available land in a sensible manner and seeing to it, that the land is not wasted or misused

The CMC carries out a number of programs to educate the home buyers about their different policies and undertakings. To know more about the working of the California Housing Consortium and to find out other necessary details you can log on to their official website