California Housing And Community Development

The California housing and community development also called the HCD is specially formed to work towards the development of the housing sector in CA. The HCD has more than 20 programs that grant mortgage loans for the construction of buildings, flats, apartments, houses, homes and so on.

As the name suggests, the California housing and community development works for the housing as well as the development of the community as a whole. That is why, it provides all kinds of other facilities like infrastructure, civic amenities, development of jobs and creation of other employment opportunities. The mission of California housing and Community development is to provide more and more such programs and create maximum possible housing services that are affordable by all the people of the state. The head office of the department of California housing and community development is situated in the state capital Sacramento. They are available on (916) 445-4728 on all week days. You can very well call up on the number mentioned here for anything related to housing issues.

Objectives of the California housing and community development

1. Giving out cost effective policies on the use of land
2. Increasing the availability of affordable housing with the help of all the California housing authorities in the state
3. Improve the housing infrastructure in order to develop the housing market
4. Improvement and enforcement of all the housing laws
5. Communicating all the needs of a housing unit
6. Co-ordinate with all the other city HCD
7. Estimate the funds that would be required in the housing development
8. Identify the methods of carrying out the entire program
9. Develop an idea of executing the funds in an efficient manner
10. Always strive in meeting the customer’s needs

The CalHCD works with honesty, integrity and total responsibility and works with a lot of dedication towards developing the society. It understands all the housing concerns of people and strives to achieve the same.