Fremont in California is located in Alameda County, which is 17 miles NW of San Jose. The city records population strength of 203,413. It is considered to be the fourth largest town in San Francisco, and retains an amicable and small town ambience.

Fremont is near to several Silicon Valley companies and its own location in the Easy Bay makes it a desirable place to live in with a wide variety of housing options.

Fremont Homes

The total property estimation of Fremont is a total of 68,237 residential holdings, as of 2009. The median age for the city real estate is said to be 1975. Estimations reflect that the average household mass is 3.34 people. Of this 3% are one bedroom houses, 14% 2 bedroom houses, 42% 3 bedroom houses and an amount of 33% are said to be 4 bedroom houses and only 6% are rated to be 5 bedrooms and more.

Fremont Mortgage Statistics

* Homes with No Mortgage 14%
* First Mortgage Only 65%
* Homes with Mortgage 86%
* First & Second Mortgage or HELOC 21%

Real Estate in Fremont

If you have decided to invest in the real estate holding in Fremont then the options and choices that city offers are endless. But before any proceedings, it is imperative that as a potential homeowner you should be adept in certain areas.
Luxury real estates Fremont are usually sold at a price rate that is generally less than that of the homes. This is mainly owing to the dimension, the pattern, design and other unique features. These properties also sometimes are located in places of scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes that adds to the value.

The features that make these property holdings a class apart are mostly the unique and innovative architecture, private gardens, lavish real estates, scenic view and also the vast expanse that provides an elaborate spread and dimension.

Timeshares and Vacation Homes

One of the prevalent concepts in Fremont is the Timeshares and the Vacation Homes.
In Fremont the timeshares allow limited rights on property, acquiring payment for only stipulated time or share of the property, that the customer would use. Hence, the name Timeshare. This type of property is generally owned by several people, where each of them using it as per their requirement for weeks or months, and paying for only that amount of time. The concept is that they only pay for their usage share. They are widely accessible in the sites of luxurious property holdings.
Vacation Homes are one of the most customary and traditional renting properties. The vacation homes are way more convenient than the regular hotels or inns. At the same time there is no thumb rule to use the same rental property every year or vacation.

The "M" Word for real estate in Fremont

After all the necessary details are worked out with regards to the property holdings, comes the most important aspect. That is the money in terms of the capital investments. As discussed earlier the price of a lavish property is twice than the average home price. The two most important aspects here to adhere and keep in mind are:-
You need to decide what factors are relevant for you in terms of investment that may include location, property design, view and the like. This is helpful, as it will enable you to determine the price you are willing to pay as per your requirements.
It is important to have the property appraised through a sound and independent appraiser. This should be done in order to avoid unnecessary steep prices.