Located at Kern County, California Bakersfield records a population of 247,057.

In the recent past it has earned itself the reputation of a tourist attraction with its scenic beauty and picturesque landscape, with adventures that comprises of rafting at the Kern River and air ballooning over the San Joaquin Valley.

Bakersfield Homes

The total property of Bakersfield supports a residential strength of 83,428 inhabitants, including the new homes that are fast emerging now. The median age for the real estate in Bakersfield is 1979.
The average household size is estimated to be 3.41 people, of which 3% have one bedroom houses, 56% have three bedroom houses, 14% are 2 bedroom houses, and 22% being four bedroom homes. About a count of 2% are said to have five bedrooms or more.
Some key Bakersfield Mortgage Facts
*First & Second Mortgage or HELOC 19%
* Homes with No Mortgage 18%
* Homes with Mortgage 82%
* First Mortgage Only 63%
Bakersfield new homes

At present Bakersfield is witnessing a series of new homes that are being constructed. Another phenomenon is that the old houses are also been re-done with new architectural designs and patterns. The new realtors and the builders are also foraying into the market with a bouquet of interesting designs and residential constructions that are sound in quality and reasonable in cost structure. They cater to the various groups of LIG and the MIG’s. The potential buyers can read up and also research on the various realtors with their property holdings, and can assess which land holding in Bakersfield that suit their purpose and invest accordingly. Bakersfield builders who are engaged in the construction of the new age, contemporary residences are working in order to provide the customers with various types of constructions. There are a host of features that the customer has to choose from whilst making a decision to purchase a residence or a residential plot in Bakersfield. There are the foreclosed houses, the elaborate townhouses, the urban flats and bungalows, single family homes, compact residential flats and complex. The prices depend on the location, and vary from one realtor to the other depending upon the landscape value and also the amenities provided.

Bakersfield Real Estate Guidelines and Features

The potential purchasers who are planning to hire a real estate agent in Bakersfield will find many who are willing to offer their services. It is imperative that the potential buyer freezes on a real estate agent who would keep the best interest and the benefits of the consumer in mind, and would be able to guide well. This would ensure that the buyer will receive an in-depth analysis of the property that is short listed to be invested. The scope as well as the limitations of the property holding and also the concerned realty schemes needs to be highlighted. When buying a new residential plot, if an individual would have interest in energy efficiency features, the onus should be given to the set of the new homes and residences that are coming up.
The new homes are constructed keeping in mind the contemporary audience and their need of smart homes. In Bakersfield, the energy homes score the top points because, they aid in the reduction of the residents utility costs and allied bills, and leads in personal savings and also the preservation of energy.
Most of the realtors and builders in Bakersfield offer these energy efficient and new age compact homes, with amenities that are reasonable and efficient so that the customers don’t have to search a lot on them.

Future of Bakersfield Real Estate

Bakersfield is now emerging as a developing city offering industrious opportunities for commerce and employment. The trends in the city reflect that people are relocating to this city for better job opportunities. This in turn implies that there will be high demand for the housing, residential and official complexes or holdings. Hence, at this point of time making an investment in Bakersfield is going to prove lucrative and beneficial. One can end up getting a profitable rental amount, or else can also utilize the built up the equity value to acquire a home equity loan or else sell the property for a substantial amount. Whether the purpose is of a residential or commercial, investing in Bakersfield’s real estate now and also in the coming years would be a profitable decision.