Alhambra is situated at a distance less than 10 miles east of downtown from Los Angeles. The town is the pathway to “Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley”.

The Spanish influence of the town goes back to the year 1771. The location of Alhambra makes it easy for the residents to have access to a host of cultural and recreational activities. The inhabitants enjoy the view of the nearby Pacific Ocean. The real estate of Alhambra gains a lot of prominence amidst the potential buyers owing to its ambience, housing options and its connectivity to the major recreational and commercial outlets.

Real Estate in Alhambra

The residents of Alhambra have a variety of options in real estate to choose from. The houses come in a variety of townhouses, detached houses, condominiums, single family homes, lavish homes and the like. The facilities and features provided vary from one to the other depending on locations. It also depends on the type of the realtor or realty group it belongs to.
Most of the homes are available within a stipulated amount of land and the price generally ranges between $300,000 and $800,000. Available within this price range are the huge elaborate luxury houses, the posh estate style holdings. Some are priced a little above the mentioned price range.
Some of the houses also include the multiple fireplaces, beautiful outdoor scenic views and swimming pools. The town homes and the condominiums usually are priced at a range from $300,000 to $500,000. Majority of the properties showcases mountain or city views, scenic hill landscapes whilst some have access to features like swimming pools.

Real estate market trend in Alhambra

The median sale price for the houses in Alhambra was $525,000 as of October 2009. To calculate on an average scale the housing properties lasted in the market for a span of 145 days. The market at the present moment in Alhambra is a buyers market. The inventories available at the present sales have enabled in providing the buyers with a lot of options. The market has been and also promises to be at consistent growing pace. The demand for the real estate holdings are on the rise.

Post recession, the market in Alhambra has been improving by leaps and bound, Efforts and initiatives are being taken to further develop the real estate sector. Hence, purchasing a home or making any real estate investments in Alhambra is going to prove beneficial for all future homeowners.

Price Range of Alhambra Houses

The most prevalent form of real estate in Alhambra is the detached single family homes. Most of them are constructed in the customary single-story ranch format. A huge section of the homes in Alhambra is available with a stipulated amount of land generally within a price range that varies between $300,000 and $800,000. Some lavish houses in posh estate styles are also available at a higher range. Some of the houses comprise of multi-fireplaces, swimming pools, beautiful scenery outside. The town homes and the condominiums are generally priced between $300,000 and $500,000. Majority of the land holdings and the properties boasts of the city and the hill views, the mountains offering other community based amenities. Potential buyers can choose from the existing schemes that are now available at the market.

Real Estate Agent

If you are planning to buy a house in Alhambra, then you need to consult a real estate agent who would guide as per the real estate trends of the state. You need to select an agent who is experienced and specialized in his business and has credibility for his actions and deals.
You can choose from a host of options that are now available on the internet. As a potential buyer you can either choose from the internet or touch base with an agent for greater clarity in matters of dealings.