Arkansas Housing Authority

Arkansas Housing Authority or the Arkansas Housing Finance Agency is an association specially formed in order to take care of all the housing needs of people residing in the state of Arkansas. This authority came in to existence in the year 1985.

The motive of the Arkansas housing authority is to provide affordable housing to all the people of the state. Before the year 1985, the prices of houses were indeed expensive. Many people stayed away from investing in a house in any place of the state. The government then took control of the housing sector by forming many such authorities. The Arkansas housing finance agency is also an entity of the Arkansas housing authority that provides financial help to all the prospective home buyers. Homes for rent or for sale is being made available without much difficulty and the credit surely goes to these authorities.

Arkansas Development Finance Authority Act

The Arkansas Development Finance Authority Act was created in 1985 in order to provide affordable home loans to the low and middle level income group people. This act abolished the previous act of Arkansas Development Finance Agency as was not user friendly. It used to charge home loans at higher rates and this was in return not affordable by the people of the Arkansas. The present act which was approved by the name, Arkansas Development Finance Authority took care of a number of community services such as building up of schools, colleges, universities, health care facilities, commercial complexes, shopping arcades and so on. It worked towards providing solutions to all sorts of housing demands in each and every city of Arkansas.

The Arkansas housing authority along with the Arkansas housing finance agency aims in addressing all problems, issues and concerns of the housing sector. It works in a very planned manner and aims in providing housing solutions to all the people of the state. Thus, the motive of these authorities, is to encourage more and more people to buy houses in Arkansas. The head office of the Arkansas Housing Authority is situated in the state's capital Little Rock but it has branch offices in most of the cities of the state.