Arizona Housing Market

The housing market in Arizona has experienced a 16% rise in the year 2009 as compared to the previous year. The number of houses sold rose from 7,364 to 10,748 in the beginning of this year.

The capital city, Phoenix has also experienced a growth in the real estate sector. In the current year around 275 new house permits were issued in the entire state of Arizona. Thus, looking at the statistics it is quite evident that the housing market in Arizona is developing day by day.

The cities where people are throbbing to relocate and in some cases shift, are Phoenix – the capital itself, Mesa, Tucson, Chandler, Scottsdale etc. This is because, the Arizona housing authority has joined hands with the Arizona housing finance authority and Public housing administration in order to provide homes at a cheaper rate. Living in an affordable house in the most developed nation of the world is itself a dream in itself.

To top it all, the government is now undertaking a few measures that would make this dream come true. Arizona has still not become as expensive as other states of the United States of America. The state organizes programs approved by the government of America to improve the standards of living of people of all parts of the country. Apart from the AHA – Arizona housing authority, it has the HUD – housing and urban development of America which works closely with the FHA – federal housing administration.

The main aim of all these organizations is to improve the living conditions of Arizona. According to the predictions made by real estate experts it is estimated that by the end of 2009 there will be more people wanting to buy a house in this state. The way the statistics have grown up within a year it itself a sign of improvement. The housing market trends are in full swing and it is expected to grow at a faster rate.