Arizona Housing Authority

Arizona housing authority is an entity of the Arizona Department of housing and the Arizona housing finance authority. Both these authorities work together in providing home solutions to the growing real sector in the state of Arizona. The housing market of Arizona is increasing day by day because of a number of developments in the state. The main of Arizona housing authority is to provide housing solutions to all the people of the society. These people are the high, middle and low income group people who are in search of a house.

It is generally very easy for the higher and the elite classes to buy a house wherever they desire,but it becomes difficult for the low and the middle level income people to do the same. Thus, Arizona housing authority is a commission specially designed for the low and income group.

The Arizona housing authority has offices in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler. In order to be eligible for their low cost housing program, you must first prove that you have a low income thus are unable to afford other private financial institutions. You can contact them personally at their office numbers (602) 771-1000 and (602) 771-1000. The housing experts would guide you through their entire programs on different home owning schemes. You can choose any scheme suiting your needs and requirements. There is a different plan for different cities of Arizona. You can choose from

Phoenix Arizona Housing Authority

For people residing in Phoenix – the capital of Arizona. This place is the most expensive city of Arizona and that is why the Arizona Housing Authority helps those who want to settle down in this city but cannot afford its sky rocketing rates.

Mesa Arizona Housing Authority

To help the people of Mesa to buy a house here.

Chandler Arizona Housing Authority

To provide housing solutions for the people of the city of Chandler

Scottsdale Arizona Housing Authority

For homes in the city of Scottsdale. This city has seen a number of people come in every year because of its proximity to other facilities such as universities, schools etc.

Tucson Arizona Housing Authority

It provides housing facilities for the people residing in Tucson. However, the toll free number for the state of Arizona housing authority (866) 890-0177 can be contacted for any further information on the same.