Hayden is situated in Pinal and Gila counties of Arizona in United States. People living in this town have been looking around for houses despite the fact that the mortgage crisis has affected the purchasing power of majority of the consumers in USA. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you are requesting a lender for a quote, you are committing to the lender.

Condition of real estate in Hayden is no better than the state in which it is situated – Arizona. .

Renting versus buying in Hayden

The real estate market in Hayden offers you the opportunity to stay in rented premises too. However, not everyone wants to settle for a rented house. Find out why?
When wallets are especially strained following recession, there are many people living in Hayden who are not unable to decide whether buying a house is a better option that renting one.
As far as renting is concerned, you will be required to shell out few hundred dollars to your homeowner on a regular basis. And it is evident you will be doing so. A failure to do so may not be a very good idea and you may be forced to quit that place.
On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a house of your own with the help of a mortgage, you have to make monthly payments on mortgage too. A failure to do so will force the lender to confiscate your house. And foreclosures in Hayden are not uncommon. So, you lose your house even before you own it fully.
Some are of the opinion that if you are being able to afford the cash for paying your rent, you can as well use the same cash to pay your mortgage payments. In due course you own the house too. But there are various factors that are taken into account when you take out a mortgage. In case you don’t have sufficient cash for the down payment and PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance is not your cup of tea, you can opt for renting.

Real estate in Hayden – property prices

Statistical data reveals that the property and cost of homes in Hayden has escalated in the last couple of years. This is evident from the price of property that has shown an upward trend in Hayden.

Mean price of property in 2008 in Hayden

* Price of detached houses – USD$52, 012
* Housing units – USD$ 59, 904
* Attached housing units – USD$ 53, 899
* 3-4 unit structures – USD$ 75, 999
* 2 unit structures – USD$99, 865
* Mobile homes – USD$24, 091

Real estate agents in Hayden, Arizona

Real estate agents in Hayden will help you to close a property deal. However, the real estate agent you hire should be experienced and certified. In case you are planning to opt for home loan and you find that your lender has not complied with the lending norms, you can report the same to Arizona’s real estate Commission.