Benson is located in Cochise County in Arizona. The city originated in the year 1880. At that time the Southern Pacific Railroad was established. Benson is known best as the doorway to the Kartchner Caverns State Park. The climate of Benson, akin to that of Arizona is hot, humid with relatively less in rainfalls.

Sometimes it snows during the winter season. The World University in Benson is the seat of all education and academic related activities. With regards to transportation, Benson is located three miles north west. The city is catered by the Interstate 10 and State Route 80 that makes transportation and conveyance to the nearby places for work or other allied purposes easy and convenient for the residents.

Real Estate

The real estate market of Benson, which is stationed as the center Arizona, is supposed to be an ancient territory having nominal Indian influence, thereby providing the very best of both worlds. There is a harmonious blend of contemporary utilities along with a traditional set up and neighborhood. Accompanied with this, one would also find a rich historical background, cultural ethos and magnificent landscape. It is a spectacular option for a potential and sensible purchaser. The San Pandro Valley and San Pandro River are situated at the apex of the of the real estate holdings of Benson. Though encompassed by gigantic hills, a huge amount the Benson real estate happens to be mostly flat, plain, having a uniform land terrain, which thereby creates a perfect platform for homes and ranches.

An in-depth analysis of the real estate structure of Benson and of the land terrain would affirm that, much of the property holdings are in unincorporated regions. However, this region is adequately close to the basic needs of the city life. Hence, goes the fact that was reiterated before, that once can relish the delights of both the worlds simultaneously. There also remains a huge amount of real estate plots that is located in the city limits, but that would be in a more crowded area. In Benson one also finds a wide array if festivals, community events and other activities that takes place annually. This in turn results in the warm fellowship and bondage amongst the inhabitants.

Also, a handful of real estate holdings are situated in the vicinity of some historical and monumental sites, for instance Tombstone. Another eminent historical place would be the Cochise Stronghold. This once happened to be the place where the famous Apache chief, Cochise and his fellow counterparts used to cohabit together. Hence, for any one, whether an investor or an individual, investing in the real estate of Benson would mean having the privilege of residing amidst a mix of several cultures. Also one would relish the presence of the Museum of American Indian that serves not only as a monumental beauty but also as a ground of intellectual wealth.


Occupying a land or a residential holding in Benson would not translate to disassociating oneself from the urbane lifestyle totally, with Tucson being only an hour and a half away. Also Benson is only an hour’s drive away from the beaches in Rocky Point, Mexico which is a popular vacationing zone. The housing options that are available in Benson is a combination of the townhouses, elaborate estates and separate detached houses, there are also the condominiums and the single family homes. Cost of these residential holding depend on the location and the scenic value the location adds to the estate property.

The real estate market trend in Benson suggests that the average price of the land is $78 per square foot, which 32.8% less than that of last year. Median selling price for homes as estimated within the time period of December 09 to February 10 was $91,900 based on the home sales. At present in Benson, there are about 147 new and resale homes, thereby making the average price for the homes $180,780 approximately. The trend also shows that after an increase in the homes sales from September to November last year, the sales had a down fall owing to the economic recession in December last year.

As of the present the market condition is improving, and there are land holdings that can be used for residential or commercial purpose at a reasonable price range, that attracts a number of potential buyers. Hence, with the passing day real estate industry in Benson holds the promise of a flourishing future and profitable investments.