Housing in Arizona

Arizona is situated in the southwestern area of the United States of America. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and is also the largest metropolitan city of the state. Its neighboring states include the states of California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.

Population wise this state ranks 14th in America and has a total area of 113,889 sq mi. It has a desert like climate with extreme summers and mild winters. Statistics have indicated that the state of Arizona is the fastest growing state in America and this has the maximum number of female governors than any other state in the US. Arizona has a number of historical monuments, national parks and forests which are the main tourist attractions.

The capital Phoenix is located in the Maricopa County which is the largest city in the state. Other cities that features in the list of prominent cities in the state of Arizona are Gilbert, Surprise, Tempe, Tucson, Fountain hills, Mesa, Sun city, Scottsdale and so on. Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona after Phoenix and this is where the University of Arizona is located. Arizona department of education takes care of elementary, secondary and higher education of all the students in the state. Many tourists come to enjoy the natural beauty of the state. Some even fall in love with nature and decide to settle down in the state of Arizona. There are a number of housing associations that come forward to take care of the housing sector in the state. There are the Arizona department of housing, Arizona multi housing association, housing and urban development and the Arizona housing counseling collaborative.

Arizona has a number of housing options available. Many people plan to shift to the state of Arizona because of its development. This place is not as expensive as other places in the United States are but this does not mean that you will get an affordable housing easily. If you are planning to stay in Arizona, you will first have to narrow down to the city. The capital is the most expensive city of the state. However, there are affordable housing available in some parts of the state. More and more people plunge in to the state for a number of reasons such as for jobs, employment related issues, education, recreation, entertainment, shopping, weather, resorts and so on. The state has also maintained its law and order system making it a safe dwelling place.

One of the seven wonders of the world – The Grand Canyon is located in the state of Arizona. Your trip to Arizona remains incomplete without visiting the Grand Canyon; it is like skipping the Taj Mahal after a visit to India or returning back without dropping an eye at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Grand Canyon is situated in the north of the state. The two newspapers that sell like hot cakes in Arizona are the Arizona Republic and The Arizona Daily Star. Both these newspapers cover day to day news in detail and are the most read newspapers in the state.

The official language of the state is English, although there are Spanish and Navajo speaking people also. The highest point of Arizona is Humphreys Peak whereas, the lowest point is the Colorado river. The largest employer of Arizona is the state government itself, whereas, the largest private employer of the state is Wal-Mart.
As of 2008, Wal-Mart has 18,275 employees. This is the main reason why a large number of people flock in to the state of Arizona and find a living for themselves. The real estate market is also booming because a number of flats, apartments and houses are sold on a daily basis. Apart from the Government University, the state also has a lot of private colleges and Universities in Arizona. Apart from the Grand Canyon, the great tourist attraction of the state are the Sedona, San Francisco Peaks and Humphreys Peak. The main campus of the Arizona University is located in Flagstaff which is why it has around 57,382 students residing here.

The state of Arizona is an accomplished state and that is why a lot of value is given to the housing sector. Each minute detail is meticulously pondered upon. The state is well connected via rail, road and air to the rest of the country. Public transport has also been made comfortable with good connectivity of the inter city buses. These inter state buses travel through the down town area connecting the campus areas of the University of Arizona and the rest of the residential areas. The houses in the state are well planned in advance and everything is looked after. That is why housing in Arizona has become the talk of the town. Houses in Arizona will very soon become tourist attractions and all the credit for this would go to the natural beauty present in this state.