Housing in Alaska

The largest state in the United States of America is Alaska which is situated in the Northwest extreme of the continent of North America. It is bordered by Arctic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This state has a population of 682,487 people and is least densely populated in America. Juneau is the capital of Alaska and Anchorage is the largest city in this state. Its stretches up to an area of 664,283 sq mi.

The highest point in Alaska is Mount McKinley and the lowest point is the Pacific Ocean. The temperatures in the extreme north of Alaska remains above freezing whereas, the capital Juneau experiences oceanic climate because of its proximity to the sea cost. The economy of Alaska comes mainly from the oil and gas industry and the state is also excels in exporting its sea products to the rest of the nation. The places near the ocean generate a lot of sea food which is exported for revenue to the rest of United States as well as outside the country. That is why the staple food of Alaskans is fish and crab. Because of its varied climatic conditions, Agriculture in Alaska is only restricted to a certain area where only primary vegetation happens. The people here are engaged mainly into transportation, mineral extraction and the shipping industries.

Alaska is one of the least densely populated state not because of the economy but mainly because of its climatic conditions. That is why most people think twice before venturing in to the housing sector in this state. In the recent past, the government has come up with a number of housing plans in order to make housing comfortable for the people residing in Alaska. The HUD – housing and urban development department works for the welfare of all such people who are planning to buy a house of their own in America. HUD with the FHA – Federal Housing Administration makes sure that there is proper heating facilities, plumbing, air conditioning in the coastal areas and all other housing related issues are taken care thoroughly. The cost of living in Alaska is not as expensive as the rest of United States is but it cannot be said that living in Alaska is a cheaper option. The reason for its cost of living being so high is the high price of food and other consumer utility goods. Many people residing in Alaska feel better to store food items as it is not possible to go out of the state to US every time they need something.

Alaska is well connected to the rest of the country by rail, road, sea and air. Construction of highway is done in order to make the traveling experience comfortable. Alaska airlines connects the state to the rest of the country. The Alaska cruise can be used for marine services. Moving from one place to another involves a lot of planning. Thousand of people move to Alaska every year with a plan of settling down in this state and probably buying a house also. Many people come here for jobs, employment concerns, and even education. South and central Alaska is the ideal place to buy a house. This state has flats, apartments, condominiums, villas and a variety of houses for you to choose from. Juneau, the capital of Alaska and Anchorage are the two places where you might find the most expensive houses. The average home price in these areas starts from $250,000. Finding apartments of flats on rent also turns out to be pretty expensive. However, the government has come forward in making housing affordable by all.
It has taken out a special plan called the section 8 housing which is a federal housing program. In order to be eligible to the section 8 program you must have a low income and must not be able to afford home loans from other private financial institutions. The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is a government effort to make housing easily affordable.

The state of Alaska is rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. So if you are planning to buy a house in this place, it will surely be like a dream house to live in. With the sea coast so near, hills around you and snowfall in winters this place can be a perfect holiday. Searching for a property in Alaska is no more a problem. All you have to do is plan out your monthly income and expenses and accordingly decide the area you want to live in. This state also has the the world's best architects and home decorators at your service. This solves your concern of availing a home decorator outside the state. You need not go outside the state for any housing related issues as everything is being made available in an easy manner. The government also plans to make all the people of Alaska proud owners of homes so that the state is free from discrimination of any form. Very soon, the state of Alaska will be as happening as the rest of the states in America. If the housing sector continues to boom the way it is expected to, this state would give tough competitions to the most expensive place - New York.