Alaska Housing

Alaska housing authority comprises of a variety of houses right from single family to multi family homes, a condominium to a residential land, mobile homes to affordable apartments. Finding a low cost house in Alaska is not an easy job but it is not as expensive as other states in the US are.

The average income of individuals residing in Alaska is generally on a higher side and this makes them afford a house here. Cost of living in Alaska is still not as high other parts of America.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Alaska housing finance corporation or the AHFC works dedicatedly for improving the quality of houses in Alaska. This was established in the year 1971 and has been working towards the development of the society as a whole. The Alaska housing finance corporation is located in Anchorage AK. The contributions of the AHFC include more than $1.8 billion to the state for improvements on buildings, infrastructure, roads and so on. It has also come up with a number of senior housing programs which takes care of health related issues, thinks about the shortage of teachers and other facilities for families of military personnels. The Alaska housing finance corporation energy rebate program is designed to help homeowners to efficiently use the energy in their houses thus giving them maximum rebate on energy usage. Mobile homes and condominiums are also eligible for the energy rebate program. In order to book for your home energy rebate program you can call on their number 1-877-257-3228. You will then have to fill in an energy rebate application form in order to be eligible for this particular program. The energy audit commission conducts regular checks on the usage of energy in each household.

Housing Market in Alaska

Housing in Alaska is at a growing pace and it very likely that the real estate market will set new records in the housing sector. All the credit goes to the loan lenders – both private as well as governmental lenders who offer home loans at an exciting rate of interest. FHA – Federal housing administration, HUD – Housing and urban development are two such government enterprises who make owning a house seem true. Before investing into the housing market of Alaska it is always better to have a clear view of your income as well as expenses. The cost of living in Alaska is definitely on the higher side but if you can afford it, its all yours. You get a wide range of housing to choose from; so you are free to choose the right kind of house for you and your family. You can also read the manual for more details on the housing market in Alaska.

Alaska Housing Weatherization Program

The Weatherization Program is carried out and administered by AHFC – Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Their main job is to make homes weather efficient. The climatic conditions of this place are capable of harming am individual's health.

That is why the Alaska Housing Weatherization department takes care of equipping all households with safety equipments such as installation of storm windows, improving heating systems, insulation etc. Wasilla is the main city where the program was started. Now this program has been spread out to the rest of the state.

Interest Rates in Alaska

The interest rates offered for homes in Alaska varies on the type of houses you are planning to go in for. The interest rates for a flat or an apartment will be different from villas and condominiums. The rate of interest charged is somewhere around 4% to 5% for a home loan amount of $250,000. The interest rates also varies from one city to the another. A number of home loan lenders come forward to lend interests at exciting rates. The borrower can choose the rate of interest keeping in mind his or her repayment capacity, monthly income and expenses. Home loans are available even for people of low income group. For assistance on home loans you may contact the bank directly.