Madison is often said to be an ideal blend of traditional and modern real estate options ranging from single family homes to condominiums and villas. A platform that combines the best from the past and innovations of the future. It is situated in a called Golden Triangle. This in turn is supported by three lively business centers namely Athens, Decatur, and Huntsville.

Growth and expansion in the real estate has directly boomed the rights of property in Madison. The initial business in Madison was of hardwood. The recreational activities that are available comprise of team sports by the youth and adult alike, the golf tournaments, community based events and artistic performances that are put up by the local museums, playhouses and theatres. The public school at Madison is catering to almost 8000 enrolled students. Private school too is accessible. The well known and acclaimed institution of the city is Madison Academy.

Housing Price

Residences and apartments in Madison are of architectural excellence and innovation, and range from single homes to sprawling and elaborate living homes. They are available at a price range of $3, 100, 000 and can go up to $6,950, 000 and more depending on the locale and other benefits.