Hoover is known as one of the calm and peaceful city that is located in Alabama. The natural surrounding with beautiful and vast green mountains, sparkling valleys, long trees complements the serenity of the Hoover.

The city had begot its pedigree from William Hoover. Hoover came into action when the plan to widen the Highway 31 was being carried out, and the development of the area commenced. In the beginning Hover, comprised of only for blocks and around 4000 citizens, which has now increased it count over the years. Today the population count is almost a lakh. It is well attached through Road Transport and has the accessibility to two states. This city is an inimitable embodiment of natural beauty.

Housing price

Consistent efforts are now being carried on Hoover to improve the overall conditions of the place. The residences that are now on display in the market are average price at $200,000 - $300,000. The price range is practical and evenhanded in accordance to the atmosphere and the surroundings of Hoover.