Birmingham is the largest city of the United States. Owing to its climatic and living conditions, it is considered as one of the best places for residing. Also the city has vibrancy.

Several aspects of the city make it a harmonious blend of modern and traditional customs. The major industries are manufacturing, medical research and publishing. Birmingham supports a population count of 235,000. The city is located 150 miles west of Atlanta and 200 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee. Birmingham has a wide and an intricate system of networks of roads thereby making traveling easy. The intricate networks of roads provides for all the domestic, regional and international conveyance. The same is supported by Amtrak passenger lines and Birmingham International Airport. Birmingham has its own cultural ethos and hence has a close connection with the performing and cultural art forms. It also has associations with the travelers and day-trippers who wishes to relish the numerous museums, art galleries and other places of recreational value and excellence that the city sports. Few eminent names of the places and organizations that assist in the performing arts are Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex, Alabama Ballet, Birmingham Ballet, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and Alys Stephens Center, Alabama Theatre and so on. Further the lifestyle here is augmented by a volley of outdoor and leisure activities which include tennis, golf, fishing. The property and land holding varieties in Birmingham comprises of historic monuments of intrinsic value, state of the art building, homes, townhouses and the like.

Housing Prices

Price range for houses in Birmingham varies from $ 100000 to $6 million depending upon the location, the scenic and territorial value, and other based on other amenities that are provided. Apart from all these facilities Educational institutions and careers opportunities attracting peoples to Birmingham for better living and likelihood. Also there are some other category of houses that would have their own range of price. There are detached houses for £312,729, semi-detached for £149,859, flat or maisonette for £127,813, Terraced houses for £106,276. These prices structures have been sourced from Birmingham real estate sales figures Wales and England Land Registry.