Purchasing a home is a lengthy procedure. Needless to say that it involves a lot of intricacies and legalities. But above all, the most important decision for buying a house mainly is short listing and choosing the correct property, financial bodies and their rates of mortgage, negotiating with the owner, and other aspects like location, facilities, and area benefits and so on.

Athens is said to be North of Alabama’s Metroplex heart.

Athens is providing homes for as many as 21000 families. Metroplex, which comprises the cities of Athens, Madison, Decatur and Huntsville, makes it possible for the inhabitants to experience the best of education in terms of schools and colleges, career prospects, entertertainment opportunities. Also there are channels that cater to one’s leisure and cultural outlets, along with the flourishing state of real estate. The City schools, caters to the educational and career requirements for their students. The students therefore post school, graduate to a universities or college in vicinity that also includes the Athens State University. Also, the labor-face is well trained and qualified, as quite a majority of them choose to provide service as an engineer in the Manufacturing, Aerospace, Technical or Defense domain. A reason for this could be owed to the city’s territorial proximity to the state’s Space industry. Some eminent and noteworthy names in this regard would be Marshall Space Fight centre and Boeing.

The inhabitants of the place never feel jaded. A bouquet of activities for leisure and merriment, that enables the residents to stay occupied. Places like the Athens Sportsplex, the five local golf courses, rivers like Elk and Tennessee, all sums to transform the Limestone County to hub of recreational activities. Some even term it as a recreational paradise. Real estate market in Athens is a flourishing industry. The major markets operating are single family and tenant-owned apartment house based. There is also the existence of equestrian holdings, golf course and waterfront residence available.

If one is making plans for starting and nurturing a family, retirement or shifting base for enterprising career scopes and prospects, Alabama, Athens would be the perfect place to reside in.

Housing Price

Athens harbors a wide range of real estate from old-fashioned, archaic style living to modern age swank, lavish homes that gives a marvelous view of the Wheeler Lake. The nuclear family homes pervade the property market in Limestone County. Along with this, people can choose from the tenant-owned apartment and farm land. Speaking about the prices in Athens, single family homes range from $50,000 as the starting price and goes up to $3 million when talking about a waterfront plot, that has a boat slip, private dock and an attached visitor’s home. This is ideal for those wishes to experience living in elaborate and splash outdoors. A country fashion home is available for an amount of $68, 000 with a sprawling porch situated near to school in neighborhood. An investment of $1.75 million will enable a person to attain a plantation fashioned home, located in pastureland over 50 acres. This suits the people who have a liking for horses. The tenant-owned apartment houses are available between $128,000 - $410,000 that provides excellent view of the lake and access to the golf course.